Sometimes life’s challenges go beyond the care of a small group community. West End offers several options to help during these times.

About this ministry

West End is committed to caring for members going through hard and transitional times. The Care ministry takes seriously the need for thoughtful and wise counsel and offers this in several ways:

Pastoral Counseling

We provide pastoral counseling with one of West End’s pastors, which covers a wide range of issues from spiritual struggles to relational difficulties.

Professional Counseling Referral

For issues where more clinical training is appropriate, West End’s pastors gladly refer members to a licensed professional counselor who will provide biblically sound support.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Getting married? West End desires for a couple to be prepared for a Christ-centered and biblically grounded marriage that fulfills the beautiful commitment God intends marriage to be. Please contact us for more information on premarital counseling and/or pastoral services for your ceremony.

Questions? Please contact Diane.

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