Women’s Ministry

Looking for a place to flourish and grow? West End is home to a multi-generational community of women.

About this ministry

At West End, we believe relationships are the most important thing in life—our relationship with God, our families, friends, neighbors and our city—and we want to see them grow and flourish. Our heart’s desire is to cultivate a place where women can be vulnerable, honest and thrive.

Through special events, book discussions, bible studies, service to Nashville or coffee with friends, we hope to create a space where women are empowered in their life’s walk—no matter your background, age or perspective.

Are you ready to be seen, known and grow in your faith? No matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome here.

Stay up to date on our offerings! Check out our studies, get info on Paige Brown teachings, and attend upcoming events.

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